Tactile and off-line sales book

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book de vente commercial tactile

Okalys, THE digital solution for sales enablement


Works in all web browsers without installing any software or application from a store.

100% autonomous

Create your own sales book without limits or constraints, you are completely autonomous.

Off-Line mode

Works without internet connection to get all the informations up-to-date

As thousands of users, trust Okalys to develop your business.

Join us and go to the next level.

A single touch movement

Stand out with incomparable tactile uses ! Be sure to make good impressions !

We have, among others, unique touch gestures custom developed for proposing new performance and practices to businesses.

We have re-developed all required viewers to open all types of content and follows immediately without having to wait for the opening of another software.

We are able to read the content from top to bottom and from left to right and we pre-load 5 documents / 15 pages in real-time to help you save time and ease of use.

So, when you use our digital sales book you can present all marketing content and trade without ever leaving the interface and without overloading your workspace, whether PDF, Office documents, real-time 3D, images, videos,...

tactile movement

At the heart of your digital transformation

We believe that access to the sales book must not be different depending on the device and must not be limited. That's why we chose to not go through apps stores.

We allow you to work directly in a web app totally HTML5, from Windows, Android, Apple, on Tablets, Computers, Smartphones whether for headquarter and the field and with the same performances.

Windows 7, 8, 10


Apple iOS

Digital transformation Zero paper

A tool for creation and diffusion

Your sales force has more need than ever of the commercial and marketing information quickly and easily. How much money and time are spent to create content, sometimes to print, to send them to sales reps, to update, to transmit again?

Have total control and manage the content in real time !

The digital transformation should lead you to use the tablet as a tool to help the sales force and sales presentation. It must also offer a new positioning and new missions to commercial and marketing departments.

For the headquarter, commercial services, marketing services and general services of the company collaborate and share a same tool of communication with the sales force. Fully customizable to your graphic identity, Okalys is a true support of diffusion of information AND creation of content using powerful editing tools.

For sales force, sales reps are no longer face of their client but next and the fluidity of touch gestures anime considerably the exchange. More effective, the sales reps does no computing any more in front of his client. He doesn't look for the right documents in a file manager or in emails, but thanks to the multiple interactivities, he navigate to conduct his sales meeting.

They trust us