Mobile sales enablement

Upgrade your business presentation tools

The mobile sales enablement is a tool of commercial presentation equipping the mobiles sales forces of companies. Genuine support for sales, it allows salespeople to reinforce their sales pitch and apply the marketing strategy set up by the sales management.

We hear all more and more about digital transformation and it also passes by the sales forces. Each company with sales teams must constantly find ways to develop its sales. For this she must manage and carry salespeople to guide them and provide them the right tools.

Okalys today meets new tactile uses and the growing use of digital tablets by the sales forces. Offered as a SaaS solution, we allow to effectively manage mobile sales forces by structuring and broadcasting business informations.

We enable companies to develop their business performance by adapting all their documentation to a simple and attractive support sale tool both for sales reps, for headquarters and for end customers.

Our Strengths, Innovations & Assets

It is thanks to our technological approach HMTL5 (and no app from store) we can among other things offer you:

  • Preload 5 documents / 15 pages simultaneously in order to streamline the presentation face to the customer, with a simple movement of the hand and without wasting a single second

  • Send a cart of documents to a customer he can directly view in tactile mode in his web browser without installing any application

  • Share the sales book at the headquarters of the company offering the same graphical and tactile result that for sales (these users at headquarters are increasingly not charged)

  • Consider implementing a custom extranet (if needed) according to your customers without installing any application

  • Look at the book in tactile mode from a smartphone without installing any application (without the cost of additional license)

  • View in real-time the changes brought to your sales book (no need to synchronize an app to check the final rendering)

  • Modify the links of a PDF documents directly in Okalys to create interactivity throughout the book

It is also thanks to our R & D initiated more than 12 years ago that we offer:

  • An automatic targeting according to the typologies of customers allowing to hide confidentials and competitives informations

  • A page editor directly integrated into Okalys (kind of PowerPoint) that allows you to compose your pages to position media, forms, links and create interactivities

  • A generator of templates for layout (useful for data sheets...)

  • An automatic generator of photo sets and ranges

Our tactile and off-line mobile sales enablement can take you away with technology and features that we are the only ones to master !

Our expertise

We allow commercial managment to :

  • Centralize and prioritize business information

  • Ensure the reliability of the information showed to end-users

  • Standardize sales methods

  • Make better enforce the sales strategy

  • Strengthen team cohesion

  • Manage teams

We allow sales people to :

  • Be more comfortable and efficient

  • Apply the company's sales strategy

  • Have a more customer-oriented approach

  • Get the right information at the right time

  • Follow their clients and their decision-making level

Our technology

Designed entirely in HTML5 we master the whole of our source code so that each company can be equipped by the sales book, regardless of the material she uses with exactly the same performance.

We took the necessary time in R & D to offer high-performance technological innovations and features that have benefited from patents.

The technology used at Okalys allows us to deploy our tactile and off-line mobile sales enablement solution very quickly and easily.

The user accesses via a secure web interface to the entire sales book hosted in France.

We master the global nature of our system, its features and we can anticipate the technological evolutions. Extremely reactive we bring constantly changes to our digital solution, along the lines of the needs of performance companies.

We take full advantage of tablet power and sales people's know-how by offering unique features and a new user experience.

The tactile being completely redeveloped to obtain the best, we promise Zero computing during the commercial meeting.